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Our home away from home is as modern as it can be.

Students seeking admission to the hostel have to apply separately in the prescribed application form.

The hostel is under the control of the Chief Warden. There is a deputy Chief Warden, Faculty Wardens and Resident Wardens to assist the Chief Warden. Pure and wholesome vegetarian and non vegetarian food is served in buffet style in the hostel. There are two faculty wardens in boys’ hostel and three faculty wardens in the girls’ hostel. The Chief Warden overview the day to day working of other faculty wardens and have interaction with students on daily basis. The hostel wardens are teaching faculty and are responsible for discipline, maintenance, allotment of rooms and any other help a student might need. Other hostel staff includes caretakers/block supervisors, attendants and maintenance staff.

Each hostel block is supervised by a Resident Warden and an Assistant Warden. They stay in their respective dorms and take care of students and attend to their needs. They closely monitor the student activities in the campus.

Recreational facilities include provision for sports such as Volley ball, Badminton, Table tennis etc and are complimented with Audio Visual rooms and Picnics. These facilities provide for sufficient avenues for students to relax and decompress from the demanding academic activities.

Wardens visit the hostel regularly to monitor and ensure the proper functioning of the hostels and the comfort of the students. Major discussions and activities among the students can be carried out in the common room. Timings are strictly adhered to for the incoming and outgoing of the students for their safety. Regular attendance is taken by the caretaker. Different festivals, cultural events and birthdays are celebrated together within the hostel campus in a very friendly and homely atmosphere.